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What is Bruce Hoff Recording?

I consider myself a low-cost alternative to a recording studio. Since I don't have a fancy studio or formal training, I do not consider myself to be in competition with local recording studios. Clearly, we operate on different levels. If you want to make an album to put in the stores, you're out of my league. That's above and beyond my capabilities. Go to the professionals. On the other hand, I have done some albums which are being sold at gigs, so maybe I'm not giving myself enough credit. What I see as my targeted clientele is the musician that wants a good quality recording but doesn't have the means, or even the need, to go to a big-time studio to get it done. What I do mostly is demo recordings and albums to be sold at gigs. We can record at my house or I can come to you. Most people choose to record at my house. Due to space limitations, we may have to record somewhere else if you require much room. I do not normally furnish instruments, but I may let you borrow a guitar and/or amp. If you want a recording made of something that is not strictly music, such as spoken word, I can do that, too. I once recorded a wedding ceremony.

Why Bruce Hoff Recording?
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